Friday, January 30, 2009

Since the passing of my Grandma I have spent so much time at home the last few weeks. Heidi, who was my Grandma's exchange student from Brazil, got to make it in time before she passed. I love Heidi and miss her so much. She now lives in Boston. We got to spend some time together as she and her 2 precious kids came down and stayed at my mom's house. My Grandma loved her so much! She is my sister! I am so thankful for my family. My mom and I have the most special bond ever! We are so close, like sisters! But we are sister in Christ! We have shared our growth in the Lord together. I cannot express how much I love her! I think she knows! How truly blessed I am to call her my mom!

Pajama Day

Here is a pic of Kole going to school for "Pajama Day". Kate also wanted to get in the pic! My baby boy is growing up so fast! He loves school !

Meal Making

Finished product!!
Me putting on the turkey pepporoni

Sprinkling the pizzas w/ cheese

Pizza w/ sauce and turkey pepperoni

I have loved my friend Niki's blog for the last month. She is sharing recipes and giving great ideas on managing your household w/ cleaning tips, meal planning, and organizing the home! She is a dietician, so her recipes are very low calorie and healthy! I have tried several of them and they are so good! So I wanted to share one of my favorite meals I created that is also very healthy!
Tambrey's Mini Pizzas:
Take mission carb-control tortillia wraps and place pizza sauce on top, then place turkey pepperoni on top. Last sprinkle part- skim milk based mozzerella cheese. Place on baking stone @ 400 and for around 20 minutes. I have included the before and after pics! So yummy! My kids love them, too. I like my tortillas to be a little crispy on the edges! Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Opal Pearl Tolar, my grandma, went to be with the Lord last night around 7:30pm. She is in heaven now and is leaping around the streets of gold! She is joining my precious papaw, my Aunt Brenda, and her own parents. She went in peace and we are grateful. Someone told me a beautiful vision: "When she took her last breath on earth, she took her FIRST breath in heaven, and she saw Jesus FACE TO FACE". How awesome is that to think about? I love you, Grandma. I will see you one day soon!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Memories Of my Grandmother

These past serveral days I have been home. I packed up the kids last Wedensdy morning as Benny had to work. My Grandma Tolar has taken a turn for the worse. I am going to be honest, I am not ready. I wasn't ready 6 days ago and I am not ready now. My heart is broken. I have loved this women as long as I can remember, and she has loved me back! I don't have one single memory that does not include her. My childhood is filled w/ the sweetest memories and of course hesterical laughter. FUN! If I could describe her in one word, that is it! So as I drove home last Wednesday, and then back to Crossett today, I am overwhelmed. These last few days I have looked into the eyes of a very frail, sick, tender, and beautiful women of God. Her eyes still shine. We have been by her bed constantly, recalling great times and tender moments. As I have had some time to reflect, here is a list of things I don't want to forget, Grandma.

** Taking us to the cotton fields to pick cotton and stomp down the cotton in the bins
** Warm afternoon naps on your homeade quilts
** Your wonderful fudge
** Your banana pudding
** Homeade clothes you made me
**Our life-sized dolls. Actually, all the dolls you made
**The smell of your house when I walk in the door
**You telling me about Jesus when I was 8. Best day of my life!
**How you and I cried as I told the church I was saved!!
**Giving me advice about boys
**Letting me "run away from home" to your house
**the mattress under your bed that we slept on as kids. I even slept there on that thing when I was 9 months pregnant!
**Bloody bones stories
**Those wild sleepovers! How did you manage all 5 of us girls?
**Saturday night sleepovers! I even continued this as a teenager!
**Your warm hugs
**That silly stocking you put on your head and we all thought you were a burgular and cried and ran! You scared me to death!
**Loving me unconditionally

Please pray as she enters the gates of heaven to spend eternity w/ our Lord. I honestly am not ready. The selfish side of me is not accepting this at all. So as I listen to Jeremy Camp's "There will be a Day", I am comforted. I know what is on the other side of this life. I am so glad to know my Grandma prayed for me to know Jesus and set a wonderful example on how to love the Lord like she did. And she gave me a wonderful mother! Yes Grandma, there will be a day, and I will see your face again! I love you!
I have been praying again really hard about what to memorize for my 2nd verse of the month. I have fallen in love w/ 3 great verses. But after much prayer, this is the one God has laid on my heart:
Jeremiah 15:16
"Your words were found and I ate them,
and Your words became to me a joy and the
delight of my heart,
for I am called by Your name,
O LORD, God of hosts."
I remember the first time I read this verse, and howI realized the Word of God is alive and thriving! We are called to love the word, meditate on it, love it, not let it depart from our heart or minds. When we fully study and reflect on God's word, it becomes alive in us! And it does become the joy and delight of our hearts! How thankful I am that I have God's word to go to daily and let it minister to me in my times of need! Praise the Lord!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Post Holiday Blues 10k

Melissa and I after the run!

My cheer team!

Kole said, "Mommy, you can do it!"

Before race pic!

Pushing to the finish!

This morning we loaded up the kiddos and headed to Monroe! Mommy had a 10k to run! The weather settled nicely after a thunderstorm scare and the temps were in the mid 60's! Man, I thought this was January? Melissa, a friend who I work w/ at the Wellness center, joined me in the run! The course was so beautiful and took us thru Forsythe Park. I haven't ran a 10k since 2002, so I just wanted to finish! Again, I praise God that I have my prasie music when I run. It is my time to really let out my thoughts, feelings, and prayers. I was so in the presence of my God! I ended up feeling great and looked down to my horror to realize I forgot to turn on my Garmin! My finish time was 53:20. I even won 2nd place in my age and got a cool bag. The best part was at the end when I came upon the finish and saw my 2 beautiful kids, smiling and waving at me, and my precious husband grinning ear-to-ear. What a time to praise the Lord for all He has done!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Anybody Game??

I have made the commitment. I have focused my eyes on the prize! What am I talking about? Beth Moore has challenged all ladies to give God our minds as we renew them by memorizing scripture and claiming God's promises! On her blog, she has asked ladies all over the world to join in this commitment. All you have to do is memorize 2 scriptures a month totally 24 in a year. So far almost 3,000 women have joined the challenge. I have spent the last 3-4 days praying over what scipture to start with, and well, here it is!

PSALMS 19:14
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O LORD, My Rock, and My Redeemer.

I love this verse! So all you blogging friends out there, are you game? Wanna join me in memorizing God's word? Comment and let me know what scripture God has placed on your heart!! I know this will be a great blessing like no other! Come on, join me!!Tambrey

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009! What? Where is time going? I mean REALLY? We celebrated New Year's by getting to sneak off to Monroe overnight. Thanks Nana for keeping the kids! Benny and I w/ to see "Marley and Me" which I had been wanting to see for weeks! It was so good! Then we joined our close friends, Brian and Jenni, for dinner at the Brandyhouse. The food was so good and I finished off a delightful strawberry cheesecake! After all that hard work eating so much, Jen and I were tired so we all headed to the our rooms. Ben and I stayed up to watch the New Year ball drop. Getting to sleep in was so nice! When we got back home all I could do was hug my kids and remember again why I am so glad I am a mom and wife. The two greatest jobs I have ever had. I don't believe in resolutions, but I have set some goals this year I hope to achieve. Hope all of you have a great new year!