Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monroe Zoo and Nana!

TambreyNana was on spring break last week and she came down for a few days. We packed up and headed to Monroe Friday to the zoo! She took us to eat lunch at Olive Garden, took us shopping in the mall, and just spoiled the kids rotten! The kids loved riding the indoor carousel at the mall. We just love having Nana here!

Sunday School Social

TambreyLast Tuesday, St. Patrick's Day, our class had a social of Mexican theme food! It was so good! I loved getting to see all the creative dishes everyone brought! Christi did a great job, too, decorating and having it at her home!

Monday, March 16, 2009

By Your Side

Please listen to the lyrics of this song by Tenth Avenue North. It really spoke to me today. I was just feeling really sad about my Grandma and missing her to pieces. Then it was like God spoke the precious words of this song to me. How precious is our Lord, Jesus Christ. Oh how He loves us so much more than we could ever know!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lexa Bound!

We headed to my mom and dad's house this weekend. It was great to see my family again! It was also the first time I have been home since my grandma died. We walked into her house to get some things on Friday. I really had a hard time. It just seems like she should be there. I would give ANYTHING to hug her and kiss her and talk w/ her. But I know she is home. My parents really spoiled us rotten! We so enjoyed the visit. Kate and Kole are very crazy about their "Paps" and "Nana". Tambrey

Monday, March 9, 2009

I caught Kole praying.....

My kids fight like cats & dogs. That is just what they do. But sometimes I will catch them really loving each other! Yesterday we had a picnic outside. I glanced out the window and I saw Kole praying. I grabbed the camera. Kate really watches what Kole does all the time. She is now praying sweet prayers at night b/c she hears him pray. She is also good to pray before she eats. I think it is neat that Kole is a role model for her. So when she saw him praying, she bowed her little head. I hope I can display this child-like faith daily. I get so rushed sometimes! I am so blessed they have each other to lean on in life. Tambrey

5th Memory Verse

With sick kids and trying my best to squeeze in my studying for the ACE test, I have been challenged with trying to get my memory verses down pat. This month I have chosen 2 Timothy 2:13

"If we are FAITHLESS, He will remain
for He cannot disown Himself."
In my Esther study Beth Moore speaks about how the mind is the battlefield. Satan cannot physically harm us w/out God's approval. So he comes at us psychologically. He will torment us with memories, past mistakes, or whatever he can to make us not productive. I know this week when Kole was in the hospital, I had flashes of him not making it. What if he passed? But that is where FAITH steps in! I had to pray that by faith I would give my child over to God and that he would be healed. Sometimes I am faithless. But praise God that He is FAITHFUL! So I encourage any of you out there that battle w/ thoughts or past mistakes, or just mental torment. God came to "set the captives free". He is the lover of our souls, our Almighty Creator. Claim this verse, my sisters, and stand the battlefield strong! Tambrey

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kole Update

Here's Kole in his ACH shirt!

Happy to be home and well!

Thanks to all of you for praying for Kole! I know our God in heaven heard your cries! Yesterday we got to leave Children's. Basically what happened to Kole was that he got the fever/stomach virus. Since he couldn't swallow his hormone pills, which he takes 3x a day, his immune weakened. We were not aware that this could cause a major drop in his immune to fight off a simple virus. He has NEVER been sick like this ever! So when he went those 3 days without it, it was a major thing. We are now tripling his doses to get him on track. He is still weak. But he is resting well and being the sweetest boy ever! We are very thankful for Dr. Walsh, our doctor here in Crossett for being so concerned to send him where he knew we would find answers. Praise God for healing, because without the prayers, we don't know what would have happened if more than 4-5 hours wold have gone by!! Thanks for all of you who have prayed, commented, texted, called, etc. The love you have shown is astounding and we feel blessed! (And to my sweet Ashley, who manned the emails, kept everyone updated, washed all my sheets, folded clothes, cleaned/disinfected my house, left Kole and Kate treats, AND left us a meal in the refrigerator! You are just so precious! ) Love to all of you!! P.S. Kole loves his shirt form ACH!!Tambrey

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Praying for Kole

TambreyYesterday we rushed Kole to ACH in Little Rock w/ high fever and severe vomitting. He was very lethargic and we were VERY CONCERNED about him. We rushed to ACH and was told to go to the er, where they finally got him an iv and started fluids. He was then admitted around 2pm. They are doing a lot of tests. His white blood sugar count is very high, along w/ him missing his hormone doses due to not keeping anything down. He had a very rough night and we ask for specific prayer in that his IV will not come out again.Kole is very arfaid of needles. (he should be after his ordeal w/them) Totally looses it. We are praying they get answers from blood work and the x-rays. I ask you all to pray for my sweet baby boy. He is so in the arms of God. He has asked several times for me to pray for him when he has been afraid. So now I am asking you to pray. Will try to update these posts as I know things!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Valentine Pics

My sweet Momma
In our Valentine pj's

Kole and I making cookies

Kole and Kate w/ their goodies!

My precious momma came down for Valentine weekend. I rented "Nights in Rodanthe" and we had a special dinner. I got her some cute little valentine pj's! We had a great time! I cried when she left. I miss her. Since I lost Grandma I seem to cry over the littlest of things. I think of my Grandma everyday. Things she said, things we did, her love for me! I even decided that I have to carry on watching "Young and the Restless" in her honor. I miss calling her to ask her what she thought about Victor or Jack. I think one big lesson when she passed on is to not take those around you for granted. I love my mom so much. Can't wait to go home this weekend!Tambrey

Sickness Galore!

Sickness has prevailed in the Kinley home this week! Kate got sick last Tuesday with the nasty cold, running nose, allergies, and coughing. She had a horrible fever. After 5 days of it, I was going CRAZY!! I had to get out of the house for sanity purposes! (yall ever been there?) Saturday around 9am I called a sitter and Ben and I went to see Madea Goes to Jail. I laughed so hard that my abs hurt! I think I needed to laugh b/c being in the house w/ one sick demanding child (bless her bones) and a very active little boy who talks my ears off was about too much! Now Kate is better and Kole just started a fever and has thrown up 2x! Oh dear, here we go!!Tambrey