Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Branson!

After enjoying our toys from Santa, we meet up with my parents and headed to Branson! We stayed @ our favorite place so we could enjoy the indoor swimming park! We swam a lot! We went to Silver Dollar City and rode rides all day on Friday. The weather was so warm! We went shopping at Tanger outlets, had lunch @ Branson Landing, and then Saturday night went to the Dixie Stampede. It was Kate's first time and she LOVED it! We sure were glad to go in such nice weather! Can't wait till next year!

Waking Up To Santa

You guys were so excited about Santa coming! You both slept in Christmas morning. You must have been pretty good this year b/c you got exactly what you asked for! I love the look of sleepy kids on Christmas. I was so happy your mamaw and grandaddy got to share it w/ us!

Christmas w/ the Kinleys

We traveled to Conway for Christmas. It was so good to be there and visit w/ so many friends and family. I miss the people so much! We had our BIG Christmas w/ family on Christmas Eve. Then that night Kole and Kate wrote notes to Santa and we sat out cookies and milk. Kole made some reindeer food @ school so we sprinkled it out on the lawn before going to bed! Kole got a new bicycle! Kate got a Loving Family dollhouse! It was a perfect Christmas!

Kate's Party

We celebrated your 2 year party in Conway on December 21st @ Jump Zone. We invited a few friends. You were so into the slides and would go down and up all by yourself! You had a Dora cake and got some really cool toys! Happy Birthday baby girl!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Thoughts Of Christmas

It is Christmas Eve night and I sit here in silence as the kids are nestled in bed anxiously awaiting Santa and our trip to Branson tomorrow. We had an eventful
4 days in Conway this week! Today we spent with family doing the tradition meal and the kids opening presents and playing outside till they were wore out! While I sit here writing, I can't help but think of the Christmas story. Based in Luke's account in verses 1-2:20, we see so many great things the Lord included in the miracle of Christ's birth. A young virgin worthy of being mother to the Son of God, a simple Jewish man believing and trusting God to be a father to the Christ, an older and barren women finally being blessed in her latter years to have a son, and the ordinary shepards being the FIRST to know Jesus has been born in a manger. So many miracles! Such a precious story! What it means to me is that I know God is so loving and so full of GRACE that He would allow His own flesh and blood to be wrapped in human form to come and save the world. I am just in awe of the love of the Father. I am so gracious and so overwhelmed with the love of my Savior. That He would leave His heavenly glory and come to earth to take on the cloak of human flesh and live in this sinful world just to show the love He has for mankind. May each of you know His salvation and love this Christmas season! Oh yes, what a holy night it was so long ago!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kate is 2 !

My precious little girl! You entered this life with fire and passion. I cannot grasp in my mind it has been 2 years ago! Your whole pregnancy and delivery was so much easier than Kole's. You just grabbed our hearts and came into our lives this little bundle of joy wrapped up in 5 pounds and 7 ounces! Little thing! You have evolved into this little spunky, sweet, independent, and sassy little soul. I say that with love! I look at you and wish for you so many days of happiness. And lots of blessings! You favorite things righ now: Good Night Moon book, your blankie, MILK, cho cho milk (chocolate milk), Cinderella, Ariel, the movie Elf, and stolen kisses from mommy. You truly enjoy pestering Kole, but you are always hugging and snuggling up in your new big girl bed. He loves you so much! My prayer for you, my sweet child, is that you will grow up healthy, kind, compassionate, and full of zeal! You will be hopelessly in love w/ Jesus! He is your Prince Charming, the only one in this life who will love you w/ all His heart and give you happiness. In is love you will desire nothing more than to tell others the good news. He will never fail you! I also pray you will have the deep love and relationship I have w/ your Nana. She and I are so close. I pray you and I have that trust and love, too. Happy Birthday! Can't wait till your party tomorrow!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Dinner w/ Friends

We had dinner the other night @ Ashley and Wes's home. The dinner was terriffic w/ a wonderful Italian pasta w/ chicken, garlic bread, and salad! She also had my favorite, red velvet cake! YUMMY! Our great friends Jenni and Brian were there. Can I just say that my abs hurt all night from laughing so hard! Can u tell from the pics? We always have a BLAST together! We went looking at Christmas lights to finish the night off! There is nothing greater than food, fun, and fellwoship!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

My 33rd Birthday!

Can I just say I am BLESSED! I awoke this morning from a great night's sleep to a beautiful little girl rubbing my hand and a little boy whispering, "Happy Birthday, Momma". The day has been filled w/ sweet calls, cards, and text. My precious husband came home to let me go to lunch w/ some friends. We had a great time! I took a pic of all the gifts which I did not expect! 2 sweet gals who come to yoga got me an hour massage!!! If you can see in the pic, there is a black Bible laying there! Benny and the kids got me the new ESV (English Standard Version) Bible! I have been wanting and wishing for it the moment I saw it in Lifeway! They gave it to me early so I could teach out of it Sunday! IT ROCKS!! I can't put it down! Thanks to all of you for the phone calls, text, gifts and cards. What a great day it has been so far! P.S. When I went to yoga class they had bought me a cake! How precious they are! As you can see I had them help me eat it! YUMMY!!

Christmas Cookies & Such

We had a candlelight communion last night and I had to make Christmas cookies for the fellowship afterwards! Kole, you are my cookie-dough lover! Couldn't get you to stop eating them! Kate, as you can see, loves cookie-dough, too! Kole wanted me to post a pic of his and Kate's tree. Daddy threw away our family tree by mistake when we moved from Conway. So they only have trees in their room! (No, I am not a scrooge, but we are going to be away for Christmas).

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kole and Kate's Christmas Pics!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Kole Sings!

Kole, you have been sick all week! But you got better late yesterday just in time to go to the bank to sing w/ your class @ Wee School. You guys quoted verses, sang some songs, and sang "Happy Birthday" to Jesus! Santa and Mrs. Claus were there! We also got to eat some fabulous treats supplied by the bank! What a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sunday School Party

I love to fellowship! Last night we had our Sunday School Christmas class party @ Janey's house! Everyone brought their favorite sweet/salty snack! The food was fabulous! There was a chocolate fondue, poppy seed chicken dip, cranberry cake from Southern Living, toffee bars, and the list goes on! I think we all ate till we could pop! Each of these ladies are so beautiful. They are strong Christian women who are encouraging and kind. They have a heart for God's people. I am honored to be a part of them. We are called to "spur one another on" in this life. I am blessed to have them as my sisters!