Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Boo To You!

Halloween 2008! Kole and I have been counting down the days to eat unlimited amounts of candy till we can't eat anymore! We went to Walmart and picked out our pumpkin. Daddy came home early and we carved it. Then it was off to the library for fun/games/etc. Kole won the cupcake walk! Then we went to see some friends in our neighborhood. We meet @ the Murphy's and walked around to the houses. Kole and the kids were so funny! They would run so fast that us parents couldn't keep up! You guys looked so precious! Kate just loved her daddy carrying her on his shoulders! We had a super time! What a great night!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall Festival @ 1st Baptist Crossett

Our church held its annual Fall Festival last night! Kole and Kate dressed up in Razorback attire! Our Sunday school class read the Parable of the Pumpkin. There was lots of candy and games. I loved Anna Kate's "Raggedy Ann" costume. I included a pic of my sista Beth (in khaki jumpsuit). She is a gem. And then there is Cheryl! She is going to kill me for putting her on my blog! I am so thankful for the wonderful church family we have! We are blessed!

Fun at Nana & Paps

My dad made Kole and Kate a "hayride" this weekend! Kole liked it, but Kate was not so sure! We went to "Boofest" and Kole got to play games and get candy! We love being w/ Nana and Paps! Thanks for the wonderful weekend and the great food!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!

I am not one to do these things, but thought it would be fun as I have enjoyed reading everyone else's! I am supposed to list 7 random or weird things about myself! Here it goes!

1) I am MOORE-ITE! That is, I am all about Beth Moore. I love her studies. Done all 10 of them. Some 2-3 xs! I have seen her 3x's in person. Never meet her, but would be in "an earthly heaven" if I got the chance to talk with her. Her passion for Christ is so contagious! I read her blog daily. What an inspiration she is to me. I feel like she and I are the best of friends! (**CHECK OUT HER BLOG!! ESTHER IS ABOUT TO COME OUT!!)

2) I have to drink hot green tea or take a pill to sleep. My brain goes non-stop. I am constantly moving, never sitting still. At night I will sleep 4 hours, then will be awake. If I don't sip hot green tea before bed, then I take Tylenol Severe Allergy to help me breath and rest better!

3) I go to bed most nights @ 9pm! (I get up @ 4:45am)

4) I got Kole's name from a movie! Remember Tom Crusie in Days of Thunder? His character name was Cole Trickle. I changed the spelling to go w/ our last name!

5) I am a YOGI!! I love yoga! It is the best thing I do for myself and my body. I teach 3x a week. I love reading all the benefits for your mind, body, soul. I have imporved my running b/c of it.

6) I let Benny highlight my hair! I was so nervous 2 weeks ago, but he did a good job pulling it through the cap! Anything to save a buck!

7) I LOVE to teach. It is my passion! I used to teach 2nd grade before staying home. Now I teach yoga, weights, spin, and bootcamp. But my real passion is teaching God's word. I have the awesome privledge to teach Sunday School every week to women my age at First Baptist Crossett. Since taken on this duty, God has sifted me like wheat, loved me, pruned me, and given me a desire for His Word. I can't go thru my day without talking and praying to Christ.

Okay friends! Now it is time to tag you all! I tag Beth, Julie, Anita, Carri, Keri, Tera, Heather, Beth Moore(like she reads my blog! Ha), Leslie, Ellen, Autumn and anyone else I forgot! YOU ARE TAGGED!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Kate-ee-doo

That is what Kole calls you! When he is at school it gives me extra time with you! There are so many ways to describe my little girl. Here are a few things I want to remember about you!

1) You have the most adorable laugh! Strangers in stores will cackle at you. You are such a ham!

2) Explorative! You want to explore everything w/ out hesitation. I think you are brave. For a girl, you are pretty bold at not letting anything or anyone stand in your way! You love dirt! You play in it all the time and I get such a kick seeing you covered in it! Little tomboy!

3) Independent! Oh boy! Am I going to have some adventures with you! You want to do things your way. No help from mommy! You take the reigns on things. That is a sign of a true leader!

4) Loving! You so love your mommy! In the mornings you will call out loudly"MOMMA! MOMMA! and then reach for me w/ this sweet little smile. When I pick you up, you pat my back and squeeze me tight! (you are so into your daddy when he gets home!)

I took these pics of you drawing today w/ your chalk. Love you little Kate-ee-doo!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Saxtons Visit

My dear friend Melinda, from Conway, came to see us for a short visit this week! Anna Kate, Jay, Kole and Kate had a great time playing! They even had their first official"bunk" in our playroom! Not one time did they get up! They did awake around 6:30! We had a great time and hope they come back for a visit soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hardin Farms Pumpkin Patch

Julie and I packed up the kiddos for a drive to Grady, Arkansas. Being from Conway we have always gone to Greenbrier or Mayflower's pumpking farms. But this is the best one I have ever seen! The kids played so hard, and we got to learn facts about Arkansas. It was the perfect weather!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Race

" I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus". Phil. 3:14

This morning Crossett, Ar put on their first 5K race. I remember just 7 months ago running these streets alone wishing I had friends to run w/ everyday. Jesus heard my heart's plea. 7 months later, as you can see in the pic, God brought some amazing women into my life! 4 of them are training w/ me every Saturday for the 1/2 @ St. Jude. All of them are so unique and love the Lord!! Today I was just so proud of them all! Some of them never raced before, and some of them just STARTED running in April! How awesome is that!! I am just so glad I have all these running buddies! And the friendships are such a blessing! I also did a PR for a 5k!! My time was 25:17, and I won my age group! Melissa, Julie Brooks, Autumn, Ashley, Julie Bridges, and Connie: You are all so amazing! What a joy you are to my life!!! Great job today! Can't wait till next year!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Boo To You!

I love taking pics of the kids in the fall! Here is a quick pic of them this morning! They are so excited about trick-or-treating this year. Even though they change their minds a lot, they are still as of now being an Arkansas Razorback football player and cheerleader!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Razorback Night @ Awanas

Benny and I are loving helping w/ the Awana program at our church! We have 3rd and 4th graders. Here is a pick of some of the girls in my grade. Also, there is a pic of me and Janet! She is a great friend who I just adore!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Running w/ the Lord

I have ran now for over 8 years and it is never easy! This week as we did our long run, we all decided to go ahead and listen to our ipods since we were doing 10 miles. My run was 12.5, and I have to say that I had some great fellowship with the Lord God Almighty! My EL ROI, the God who sees, showes me something amazing each time I do my long run! I was listening to Travis Cottrell's "Your Word is Life To Me'', and all of a sudden a shooting star! It was the GOD-show! I love when He shows me something wonderful like that. The time went fast and I loved every minute of my time with Him. And Julie and Ashley did so good! They accomplished the big 1o-miler! God is blessing us! I just love running with the Lord!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kole and Mommy's Date

Kole and I had some time together this Saturday beofer a party. We went shopping for a present and hung out! He is such a great boy! I love having special time with him!