Thursday, July 23, 2009

Confessions of an OCD Gal

TambreyHave you ever woke up with a to-do list longer that your arm? I have got to pray about this, folks! I will start a list and if it isn't checked off and complete by the end of the day I crumble. I know this sounds so OCD. Well, I am OCD! I guess being a teacher and always following a schedule mapped out by 30 minute incraments really doesn't help. This morning in my quiet time God really laid upon my heart the questions, "WHY"? It was like He had me question "why are you doing this, why right now"? I had to take some inventory in my heart and go thru my "to-do" list and really question if the task was worth the time. I always try to balance my life. I try to equally give time to all. Some get short-changed. So this is my inventory:

1) Quiet time w/ God
2)Prayer confession, interceding
3)Encouraging friends/family
4) Being a supportive and loving wife to Benny, putting him over myself
5) Being the best mom I can be and teaching my kids right/wrong
6) Exercise/goal setting
7)Being a good daughter, friend, etc
8) Serving God in my church
9) Keeping my meals well-planned
10) House in order/cleaning chores
11) Reading/researching on ways to help my clients achieve goals

Okay, this is not in any order. That is the problem! Sometimes they all get shuffled around or more time is spent in one area than the next. So God gave me an "ouchy" when He revealed this lst to me IN ORDER. So today I threw out the list!! Yes, it is good to try and organize your day and tasks at hand. But if I don't start my day focused on God and the glory of my salvation, than it is worthless!!

So this girl is going to take today one step at a time! I am not going to beat myself up if it all doesn't get done. I am going to allow God to direct my path! Praise Jesus that we serve a God who never gives up on us!!
P.S. Please comment and tell me if you ever feel like I do about life's demands

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Am Back

TambreyI am back.....well to the blogging world that is! Many of you know that the last 6 months I have been studying for my certification in personal training. I passed yesterday!! Yippee!!!I woke up this morning staring at that big ole book and the mountain of notes, etc and could actually BREATH! If you know me at all, I am setting new goals to achieve. But the next ones are more intimate. I am giving God more of my time and energy. Benny and I made a big step and left our comfort zone a few weeks back and are now attending a new church. We are so excited to see God working!! I am even more excited to see my husband stepping forward to serve! Kole will begin a 5 day, all day, headstart at Crossett schools this fall. If you know me and the teacher I am, I want the BEST for my kids. this program is phenominal, and it is FREE! Kate will begin her first ever career in Wee School 2 days all day. I can't believe it! I will update our summer soon. I got a new laptop and I am still trying to download and trasfer things from my old computer. Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

7 Days

TambreyIn 7 days I will be a free woman! I mean, in 7 days all this studying will be behind me. I have put in 6 long months of reading, comprehending, applying, etc. Will it be enough? Will I pass? I love personal training. I can't tell you how motivating and awesome it is to try and help people reach fitness/competition/weight management goals. I get so pumped reading articles, researching, and trying new ideas w/ clients. I have made some very good friends. I am giving this directly to God. I have prepared my mind as best as I can. Now I have to let go and give Him total control in this. Only He can give me the confidence and guidance. So please remember me in your prayers next Wednesday @ 12:30. I need them!!!