Monday, November 23, 2009

Kole' 5th Birthday Party

We decided to have your party early this year with so many folks gone for the Thanksgiving holidays. You wanted to have it at the Crossett bowling alley. So we invited a few friends. You are so into Transformers. So I got you a Transformer cake which was so yummy. We had Johnny's pizza, too. You guys were so cute bowling! I think some of us adults got to bowl a little. Mamaw and Grandaddy came down. It was such a fun time! I love you so much! My little boy is becoming a little man now!Tambrey

Kole's Deer/Conway visit

TambreyWe went to Conway last week for deer season. Benny wanted to hunt on the Kinley farm. It was so cool b/c this year Kole is so into it! So Friday night we had a campfire and did all the roasting hotdogs/marshmellows. I loved being home. But Crossett is now home for us. Of course I had to dine at my favorite places: Marketplace, Chili's, TGIFriday's, and downtown Conway's Old Chicago. I got to see Emily and Melinda, Alisha, and Shelly! Of course time with April my sis in law who is a blessing in my life. The kids got to play with Lauren , Ashlyn and Luke. They did a celebration for Benny and Kole's November birthdays. Check out the deer that Kole and Benny killed. The funny thing is Kate is so gonna be a hunter. She was all about gutting th deer. Sorry, won't post those pics!

Kole Pre-School Thanksgiving Feast

On Friday Kole's school had the annual Thanksgiving feast. All parents were invited to attend. We were to bring something to go along with the feast. Kole had to bring 2 apples on Friday as the class prepared a "Friendship Salad". I love how good the teacher are at his school. As a fellow educator, I feel like he is already in kindergarten b/c he is learning so much. I asked him about the first Thanksgiving and why we have it. It was cute getting the story! They all dressed up like Indians and made the cutest decorations.!Tambrey